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Let's face it, most everyone enjoys being interviewed. This is a time for both you and your advisor to ask and answer questions. Essentially, it's time spent discovering if we are a fit for you and if you are a fit for us. At the end of the interview, we may determine that it makes sense to chat further, or we may determine we are not a fit for each other. Maybe you don't like our proactive client/advisor approach that takes extra time with quarterly reviews, or we may discover we don't see ourselves being able to help you. It's okay to tell us "no".




Relationships are built on trust ~ people feel comfortable sharing confidential information with those they trust. As our representatives learn more about your goals, aspirations, family history and bucket list, they can begin to visualize a plan that makes the most sense for you and your loved ones. Every client situation is unique. Regardless of your situation our independent and holistic approach to wealth accumulation, or wealth distribution will be custom tailored to suit your needs. We are client driven and focused. We've had entire meetings that we only discuss your bucket list. Until we know your vision, future, propensity for risk, etc. we are unable to move forward with our next step.





While relationship building is always ongoing, you came to us to help you with your financial future. The last part of our process will be to show you financial planning ideas. Our representavies want to make sure our clients are fully aware and educated prior to moving forward with any plan. We pride ourselves on our referrals. With that in mind, we treat all of our clients with a high quality of service and respect, regardless of their net worth. We are in this business to help people with the most difficult choices in life.

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